Formed in 2010, CCJ Tech is a technology company focused on the automotive industry to provide value-based solutions (applications and websites) for the Consumer, Dealership and Manufacturer. As we roll out our leading class vertical social community network (Autocube.com) along with our best in class applications for both ISO8 (IPhone) and any Android based devices (Autocube Cubecheck), CCJ Tech is committed to providing the best possible solutions for the Automotive consumer.

CCJ Tech's goal is to change how consumers get their automotive news, information and interface with their Automotive dealership, all while keeping the consumer safe with up to date real-time Automotive Recall and Service bulletins.

The tight integration of Autocube.com, the flagship website for the automotive consumer with Autocube "Cubecheck" Mobile app allows consumers to directly communicate and interface with Automotive Manufactures and Dealers, with a single location for all information from Automotive news all the way to scheduling dealership service appointments.